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May 13, 2010



Thanks for this great review. Putting this book on my list.

Books like this about female friendships, be they fiction or non-fiction, make me realize how lucky I am to have my gal-pals. I am certain that no men, in the same circumstances as these four women, would have been so supportive and forged such bonds.


What a great review. This is now on my list. Funny, my mind was in sync with this topic as I have been mulling over some ideas about women's friendship for my own blog in light of the upcoming SATC 2. (Got up at 2:30 AM Friday to secure tickets to see it at the Premier in Boca.)
Different note - have you ever thought of adding ratings to your book reviews? (A - F or 1 through 5 stars) Just curious.


I do a 1-10 rating in my Book Journal, so I probably could add some stars. Good idea. I gave this one an 8.

Alyssa from Nicholas Sparks Books

A truly, truly disturbing book.

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