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April 29, 2010



After visiting katie at boulder last week, i think you should invest in any pizza parlor within a 5 mile radius of a college campus.


OK...well get our researchers on that. Did they have pizza rolls?

Actually, I think Dominos would be a good buy right now they are redefining themselves with their new recipe and media presence. And the new recipe is actually quite good! Darn...I wish I had put some caveat in there where readers could contribute Fantasy Cash to be invested in my fund!


Based on Amy's comment and Kip's comment on FB, I'm putting Domino's and Citigroup on my watch list. Oh...I'll blog about it tomorrow, but I'm also going to add $10K cash to play with.'s my Fantasy. Do you think I should make these two separate blogs? No way...I will never keep up with that.


The husband watches (as I do occasionally) Jim Cramer's show. Cramer just had our CEO on his show for the third time last Friday.
I am intrigued by your Fantasy Stock Portfolio. How do you make your picks?


I do like Cramer...he's fun to watch. Honestly...I do it mostly by intuition. I even bought Ford on Rory's recommendation...and have done quite well on it. I started buying Apple four years ago when Debbie Ellman bought her first Mac laptop. I figured she was a Maven (The Tipping Point), so soon other Moms-of-a-certain-age would be following...and certainly there were many more Debbies across the country. It worked out very well.

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